As a production potter, I'm absorbed in a repetition of gesture and activity, the rhythms of the process.  The pottery that emerges is certainly an expression of my creative effort, style and intention, but it is also a reflection of the process.  I feel what I do is a part of a stream which brings together natural materials, technology, most ancient and modern, and the warmth of human touch in each piece.  I apply my accumulated skills, influences and vision, then consign the work to the fire.  I love the thrill of opening the kiln to find how the pots have "come out".

Pamela Pieropan Adorno

Graduated with a BA in Ceramic Arts from Bennington College in Bennington, VT.  As part of her degree work, she studied in Tajimi, Japan.  She has been living in Deerfield, MA, creating functional and decorative stoneware pottery, and the occasional sculptural piece since 1979.